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After logging in at, you can start the course directly under the “Dashboard” or “Courses” link. After clicking on the course, it will display a list of lessons. Click on the first lesson, then the first topic to get started. After watching the video, click the “Mark Complete” button, then the “Next Lesson” or “Next Topic” button. 

After watching a video, you should see a “Mark Complete” button below the video. Click “Mark Complete” to progress forward. 

This can happen at times after we upgrade the server applications. It is usually caused by a browser caching issue and properly clearing the cache clears it up. Follow these instructions on clearing your cache. How to Clear the Cache and Cookies in Your Web Browser | Information Technology Services (

This can be a result of a slower internet connection. You can lower the streamed resolution of the video that should make it play without stopping. You can do this by clicking on the gear icon , then choosing the desired quality. Higher numbers require a good internet connection to stream properly.

Under the dashboard, you should have a blue “Certificate” button, if the course has been completed.

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As of now, our Player is not fully compatible with the mobile Edge browser. Compatibility will be added in future video-player releases. Thank you for your patience with this. Our prayer is still compatible with the Safari, Chrome, Firefox mobile browsers. 

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